Sunday, April 29, 2012

gplugin 0.0.1^H2 released!

After *MANY* months of on again off again coding I'm very proud to announce version 0.0.2 of GPlugin.

Version 0.0.1 had a broken pkg-config file, which I fixed in 0.0.2... I knew I was forgetting to test something...

GPlugin is a library that will give your program GObject based plugins.  Right now it only supports native (compiled plugins), but there are plans for at least a python loader and whatever else anyone wants to write.

During this release I transitioned this project off of to bitbucket.  All GPlugin related business (bug reporting, file downloads, etc) should be done at the bitbucket site.

Also, documentation is in the source and will eventually be built/posted once the gobject-introspection guys figure out whats going on with g-ir-doctool.  Right now you can build the docs and open them in yelp, but not devhelp. I'll put something on the bitbucket site soon for how to do that.

Source tarballs can be found here: zip gz bz2